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ICORT Admin Assistant
Jan 17, 2020
Starkville Main Office
Part Time
This is a part time position that is based in the Starkville Main Office. Hours are M-F from 8am - 12pm unless otherwise specified by the supervisor or administrator.
Job Duties:

1. Greets all visitors, clients, and employees in person or by telephone in a professional and courteous manner.
2. Responds to all inquiries quickly and routes persons or calls correctly.
3. Facilitates office communication by coordinating incoming/outgoing mail, fax transmittals, and bulletin board advisories.
4. Participates in daily organizational meetings to document service contacts within the past 24 hours and maintains documentation of daily action plan.
5. Maintains written daily log/documentation of daily organizational staff meetings.
6. Maintains a central file of all weekly individual schedules.
7. Manages the daily/weekly schedule for I-CORT staff. Assists with scheduling appointments as needed.
8. Develops daily staff assignment schedule with input/direction from I-CORT Team Leader.
9. Monitors documentation for compliance with DMH requirements.
10. Assists in preparation of monthly data report to be submitted by the 15th of each month.
11. Maintains data related to process and outcome measures, as well as, progress in reaching goals and objectives as outlined in grant.
12. Accepts case notes and services logs from designated service providers, reviews for accuracy, submits service logs to data entry, and files case notes in the record in a timely manner.
13. Monitors and orders office supplies in a cost efficient manner while ensuring adequate supplies to meet the needs of office staff.
14. Collects and enters data for reporting as required.
15. Provides administrative support to the I-CORT Team/Team Leader.
16. Maintains client confidentiality at all times.
17. Demonstrates appropriate interactions with coworkers that promote a pleasant work environment.
18. Completes additional job duties assigned by supervisor.
Requires excellent time management, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
Proficient in Microsoft Office and other office technology.
Flexible and able to work in a fast paced environment with minimal supervision.
Requires satisfactory completion of CPR prior to reporting to the work site.
Requires satisfactory completion of CPI within 30 days of employment.
Requires valid driver’s license and auto liability insurance.
Requires completion of annual training in compliance with DMH standards.
Previous experience in data entry or as an administrative assistant preferred
Previous experience in mental health/medical office setting preferred
HS degree required

Mission Statement

“To provide quality, affordable, consumer-oriented, comprehensive behavioral health services. Our culturally sensitive, community based services will work through appropriate interagency collaboration to enable our clients to attain their highest level of individual and family functioning in the least restrictive environment.”

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