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Job Details: PSR Assistant

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PSR Assistant
May 26, 2020
Macon PSR
Full Time
Monday Through Friday 7 AM to 3:30 PM
Job Duties:

Service Delivery Expectations:

1. Assists with the provision of PSR services utilizing systematic, evidenced-based curriculum(s)/interventions for recovery skills development for SMI participants.
2. Incorporate core components include psycho-education, relapse prevention, coping skills training, and resource utilization/support.
3. Facilitates learning sessions to ensure fidelity to evidenced based program being utilized. Encourages member participation. Consults with program leader/treatment team to identify ways to tailor lessons to accommodate different levels of learning.
4. Maintains consumer confidentiality at all times.
5. Provides PSR services in compliance with DMH/DOM standards.

Documentation and Quality Improvement:

6. Provides input to develop individualized recovery action plan to assist in goal development and strength identification.
7. Documents relevant events daily in appropriate case note format and completes monthly summaries as specified in DMH/DOM guidelines when assigned by program leader.
8. Completes and submits census logs per agency policy when assigned by program leader.
9. Maintains case record documentation that is adequate, appropriate, complete, and timely.

Interpersonal and Leadership Skills:

10. Responds to consumers needs in an appropriate and timely manner.
11. Demonstrates appropriate interactions with coworkers that promote a pleasant work environment.
12. Participates in outreach activities and makes home visits to promote program involvement when requested by program manager.

Support Duties:

13. Completes additional job duties assigned by supervisor.
14. Participates in interagency collaboration for the provision of services. Serves as liaison with local community agencies to develop resources for program activities.
15. Notifies program manager a minimum of two hours in advance of any program absence so that the supervisor can arrange program coverage if necessary.
16. Monitors and identifies program supply and equipment needs and reports to program manager.
17. Monitors the physical environment of the facility ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the environment at all times.
18. Signs out vehicles in compliance with CCS policy. Completes inspection prior to driving. Maintains safe driving habits. Ensures cleanliness of vehicles.
Requires excellent organizational, and interpersonal skills.
Requires satisfactory completion of CPR prior to reporting to the work site.
Requires satisfactory completion of CPI within 30 days of employment.
Requires ability to be covered under company insurance to drive a company vehicle for client transportation.
Requires valid driver’s license and current auto liability insurance.
Requires ability to transport clients in private vehicle when necessary.
Requires completion of annual training in compliance with DMH standards.
Previous experience in a mental health setting strongly preferred.
Previous experience working with an SMI population in a treatment setting strongly preferred.
High School Diploma or GED; college work in behavioral science preferred

Mission Statement

“To provide quality, affordable, consumer-oriented, comprehensive behavioral health services. Our culturally sensitive, community based services will work through appropriate interagency collaboration to enable our clients to attain their highest level of individual and family functioning in the least restrictive environment.”

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